GABCON As Host For Botswana Railways Locomotives Launch And 30th Anniversary

Botswana Railways launched their 8 new locomotives on their 30th Anniversary celebrations of Botswana Railways (BR) as a way of revitalizing the Railway Industry, this event was hosted by GABCON in our premises. The company offered its spacious and well kept premises to allow for an event that accommodated 500 people and over 300 vehicles.  His Excellency President Lt General Dr Seretse Khama Ian Khama officiated the launch and thanked both GABCON and Botswana Railways for the work they are doing in the trade industry.

Customer Appreciation Event

As an organization we have come to appreciate the fact that for us to exist and for us to reach our goals, there are important stakeholders that make all of this possible. We organized our first ever customer appreciation event in October where we gathered all these stakeholders to simply say “Thank you”. These stakeholders included; shipping lines and our top 5 customers. GABCON is committed to actively raising the quality of service and this cannot be achieved without the customers at the core of our annual events.

GABCON Wellness Day

The success of a company is heavily dependent on the overall performance of its employees as research shows that employees spend most of their time at the office than at their own households. At GABCON, we understand the value of each member of staff as well as their input, in prioritizing health by constantly encouraging staff to ensure that there is work-life balance, we often times demonstrate through our own wellness day events and in 2016 it was held at WAGGA GARDENEX.

GABCON Strategic Retreat Held In Jwaneng

The Strategic retreat was held in March 2017, at Jwaneng with representation from all company functions and levels. We used that as an opportunity to step out of our daily routine to discuss needed adjustments to plans and other pivotal company issues. The company is also conscious of the need to empower local communities by hosting our within the country and across its geographical spread. All work and no play make Johnny a dull play; here at GABCON we don’t mind throwing in a bit of “FUN” to the mix to get the work done.

Orange Letlhafula Festival 2017

The GABCON staff participated in the annual thanks giving food festival simply dubbed LETLHAFULA. Culture has been said to be dynamic, but with all the changes in our modern lifestyle; our culture is often said to barely be clinging on to its last hope. What better way to revitalize it by mixing both the young and the old generation; in song, in laughter, in music, in food, in dress and language.

Christmas Party

After a year of hard work, sweat, tears, laughter and sleepless nights to achieve our yearly goals; we needed to reflect back on the year we have had and correct the mistakes we have made along the way. As the Managing Director, Lesedi Moakofhi said, we all have to join in the festive mood and recognize the employees effort by affording all the opportunity to be merry.  We decided to take off our work suits and end the year in style and elegance.


Weighbridge Launch

In October 2017 the company therefore we launched our weighbridge to service our customers. The weighbridge is not only limited to our customer, it is also open to the general public. Customers have for the past years been moving their containers from our terminal, weighbridge sites situated some kilometres away from GABCON just to weigh their containers for both exports and imports. In cognisant of the time consuming detour and distance travelled by our customers, the organization we saw it fit to construct a weighbridge to eliminate this unnecessary leg.

GABCON gives to the needy through The Office Of The President’s Housing Appeal

In an effort to have a positive impact on the community, through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) drive, GABCON continues to partner with like-minded arms to achieve its CSR objectives. In September 2017 the company through the Office of the President’s housing appeal, lent a a helping hand by building a house for the less fortunate in Phala Road. The house was handed over by the GABCON Managing Director, Mrs Lesedi Moakofhi,  with the help of her employees, members of the public and delegates from the Office of the President.