Frequently Asked Questions
Answer: Containers can come by sea to any South African port, ie Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town, and there after transhipped to GABCON by rail. This can all be done on a through Shipping Lines who are represented in Botswana such as MSC, Mearsk (Safmarine) etc. And they will route your container on a Through Bill of Lading.
Answer: If all your documents are in place, customs clearance, shipping line release, payments made to GABCON etc, you will have your container delivered to you in 1-2 days, using our own equipment.
Answer: Yes we have a specialized truck, a container side lifter which can place a container on the ground at your premises.
Answer: Container side lifter is a specialized truck used for grounding containers. See the container side lifter
Answer: Yes, all you need is to make arrangement with our operations team (Operations Manager) and the booking has to be made at least a day in advance, for easy planning.
Answer: Yes, we can deliver same container to any site within our operational area and the Cross haulage fees will apply.
Answer: 6meter/ 20” container – 3hours , 12meter/40”container – 4hours
Answer: If you keep our trailer for more than the allowed loading/offloading time
Answer: Yes, you can collect, but you will be charged container handling fees.
Answer: Yes, GABCON has 20”containers which are used for overnight service. The customer is charged based on a full container load.

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