Terminal Safety

Gabcon Terminal Safety

Safety Health & Environment Policy

Gaborone Container Terminal is committed to providing a safe workplace and ensuring that our business activities are conducted in a manner that minimizes any adverse environmental impact.

Terminal safety & Security for Individuals

Gabcon has a zero tolerance policy for alcohol and drug abuse, therefore all individuals entering Gabcon premises will have to undergo alcohol testing by the entrance. Protective clothing must be worn as shown in the table below:-

Terminal Safety & Security For Trucks

When entering the terminal please remember the following:

A) The security personnel will carry out random checks of trucks
B) Verification that the occupant has valid business within the terminal
C) The driver has all necessary documents
D) The truck has a valid license
E) May also carry out searches of the truck and the occupant’s his/her possessions
F) Refusal to participate in the security checks will result in the truck not being allowed into the terminal
G) Vehicle should be roadworthy
H) Drivers should wear protective clothing such as safety/reflective jackets, safety boots, safety gloves and
I) Speed restriction of 20km/h should be strictly observed
J) Drivers should come out of the cab during loading/ unloading trailers
K) Drivers should unlock trailer twist locks before loading and lock them after loading