Gabcon Services


We have been providing local and international traders with an array of container hub services for over 20 years ranging from grounding, cartage, handling of containers, storage, raillage and sale of second hand containers

The 21st century, globalisation and changes in the world economies has resulted in traders realising how cost effective it is to move cargo in containers and the last century we have seen containerised cargo growing at a very high rate hence the need to invest in Dry Port/Terminals and container Handling equipment.

GABCON, with its eye in the future, is continually developing and adapting to meet the demands of the increasing volumes which require quicker turnaround times.

Equipment used in the terminal:
Reach Stacker: available
Truck Tractors: available
Trailers: available ( 20” and 40”)
Container Side Lifters: available

Equipment used in the terminal:
Reach Stacker:  available
Truck Tractor:  not available
20″ Trailer:  not available
40″ Trailer:  not available

» The rail link will cost the customer less than if the goods were transported by road
» We are the ONLY ones with best container handling equipment in the county as we can handle the 3 meters, 6 meters and the 12 meters containers, from the train into the trucks for easy and fast door to door delivery service
» GABCON facility is a Customs bonded area (allows containers to be manifested directly from point of origin to GABCON on a through Bill of Landing)
» High safety of containers on transit (less risk of hijackings etc)
» Our facility has the capability to store up to 1800teus
» We have the most advanced Container side lifting equipment in the country for transport and placing a container on the ground for easy loading/offloading
» We have dynamic, young and experienced team

GABCON currently offers the following services on site

We deliver your Containers from the Terminal to your premises with specialised equipment


The use of Reach stackers and the container Side Lifters

 We offer advanced container handling containers that can be hired to use on our sites/ terminals or at your chosen location. Reach Stackers and containers side lifts are available at your convenience.


Should you want to receive your cargo the next day, whether heavy or an oversized item, we move all types of cargo (Teems and Conditions apply). Our freight services are cost-effective and ideal for large, heavy or awkward shipment.


Storing of containers and/ or goods in containers

Should you be in need for storing your office furniture/ equipment tools, building material, household goods, farming equipments and more. Whatever your needs are, we store containers with or without cargo. Goods can also be stored in GABCON owned containers.


Loading and offloading containers

The core activity of handling is to load and unload containers. We provide container handling equipments are used to secure containers equipments are used to secure containers

We pride ourselves with well trained container handling equipment operators understand the value of customer value. Offloading and loading containerised cargo takes into consideration the safety of the cargo in all aspects.


Renting of containers for any purpose at a customer’s chosen location

Choice is what we offer; renting of containers for any purpose at a customer’s chosen location. You can locate the container anywhere you prefer and use it for anything thing you choose. You may need to store material, use it as an office or anything it can be utilised for.


Placing containers on the ground at customer’s premises

Your cargo is precious, and excellent handling is our priority. It is core to our business that safely place containers on the ground at any destination. We have a variety of handling equipment that allows us the flexibility to serve you. 


We sell both second hand steel containers and new prefab containers.

Relocating a container with fitting equipment from Point A to point B

Whether its your own steel container or rented, with our state of the art container handling equipment, we can relocate containers from any point to another as per your requirement


Weigh of containerised cargo and break bulk for GABCON customers and the public.

For your convenience and to help your prepare for a hassle free trip where you will comply with weight regulation, there is a weighbridge on site for multipurpose weighing functionalities to facilitate meeting of sola requirements and beyond.